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The Mohali municipal corporation is all set to replace conventional streetlights with LED lights in the coming months as the contract for the same has been floated by the civic body. All conventional streetlights in the city will be replaced with 18,000 LED lights on the outer and internal roads of the town.
Sources said that a private company has been hired to finish the project and the company installing the LED lights will also be maintaining these for the next 10 years. Whether the LED lights are damaged or they need replacement or repair, everything would be the responsibility of the company concerned. The cost of energy saving LED lights is expected to be around Rs 30 crore and it was an agenda item in the MC house meeting last year, which had got the green signal.
Mayor Kulwant Singh said that, “The step has been taken for the benefit of the public and for the beautification of the city. The LED lights will emit more light and save more than 40% of energy. Moreover, the LED lights would turn off automatically when not needed.”
A computerized operating system will be handling the project from the MC office and the project of LED lights in the city will commence in the coming two or three months. The lights will be attached to the computer operating system and it will detect any fault on the screen itself. Faulty LEDs will be detected through the computer and even if someone is trying to steal electricity from the streetlight wiring than the entire lane would get turned off automatically while the information regarding the exact point will reach the operators.
Sources said that if any of these smart LED lights goes off, it will be detected from the computer itself and the message will be floated to the company to do the maintenance or repair work. The computer will tell the exact location and nature of the fault and it will also tell the approximate time that will be taken for the repairs.
Vineet Verma, president, Beopar Mandal, said that, “Crime against women or snatching incidents happen in the dark. Now, the criminals will have to be cautious before committing any crime. Accidents will also be reduced due to better lighting.
According to a survey carried out by the MC, most of the roads have faulty streetlights and are hardly operational, especially in rainy season. Yashpal Saini, a resident of Phase VII, said that, “It is a good initiative by the MC as the conventional streetlights were providing low light. Besides, the distance between streetlights was more and the trees along roads hid the street lights.”

  • LED lights work for 11 years of continuous operation

  • LED lights save more than 40% energy

  • LED lights are free of toxic chemicals

  • LED lights can survive rough conditions

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