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Every society has its own belief systems. Beliefs consists of perceptions and conviction upon which people of that system put their act. We may call it superstition, but sometimes it so strongly rooted in the system that even after reasoning, it is tough to alter from people’s perception. One such strong belief or rather fear which concerns many is number “13”!

13 – a number considered unlucky and inauspicious!People who fear number 13 are called triskaidekaphobics but reason for how and when did this number turn into a black sheep probably can be found in history. Katyayani Kapoor gives you a look into the same:


 In one of the religious angles, Bible mentions Judas Iscariot – the person who betrayed Jesus as the 13th guest to arrive at the “last supper”. “The last supper” is the famous painting with Lord Jesus and 12 other people on the dining table

2.Perfect 12:

 12 is a complete and perfect number. We have 12 months and a day has 12 hours, 12 signs of zodiac. When it comes to the next number i.e 13 -it is considered a transgression and a number ending that perfection. So probably, number 13 must bear the wrath for disturbing the perfection.

3.Knights Templar:

On October 13 in the year 1307, France’s King Philip ordered arrest of Molay and other French Templers. Templers were charged with numerous offences who were forced to spit on cross and indulge into indecent kissing. Also, Pope was forced to capture and burn alive 13 Knights Templar.

4.Adam and Eve:

Biblical sources mention 13 as the day when Eve offered Adam the forbidden fruit.  Relating it to the fact that 13 is considered an age when a child enters adolescence – the trouble period.

5. Numerology:

When taken from the view of numerology, 13 (1+3) = “4” which is number of Rahu which is not lucky for many. Also, number 4 is considered an unlucky number in Asia.

There are many other ill-fated instances like Apollo 13 is the only unsuccessful moon mission, Belief of Vikings that Loki was 13th and last god who murdered the lord of happiness and was the 13th guest to come into his funeral and a few more.

Even though no scientific basis has been established yet, Beliefs do not need reasoning and this myth is  as deeply rooted in History as religion itself.

Well we feel number 13 is lucky enough to live life to the fullest. God forbid we are not “triskaidekaphobics”

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